visual art

From top: Teresa (of Calcutta), Thérèse (of Lisieux), Emil (Kapaun), Luigi (Giussani), Maximilian (Kolbe) Gianna (Beretta Molla), all portraits 14 x 11 inches. Dove, 12.5 x 12.5 inches, Night, 11.5 x 11.5 inches, Cross, 12 x 9 inches, Toilers of the Sea, 13 x 12 inches.

about the work

These works are made by cutting, layering, and sewing black nylon tulle onto a white ground, so that the image is wholly created by overlapping layers of tulle and aligned voids.

Because of the interplay of light and shadow with a material that is itself very like a shadow and because of the blurring and Moiré effects produced by the layers of screen-like fabric, the images create a number of paradoxical perceptual effects, making them very difficult to photograph.

This video helps give a better sense of what the works are, what they look like in person, and shows how the works are made.

current work



When Mark Rothko gave the commencement speech at Yale in 1969, he recalled a time before there were big galleries and big money in the art world. He said, "we had nothing to lose, and a vision to gain." What does that mean, a vision to gain?