Special Lent & Easter Offer

Special pricing on custom tulle works until March 3, shipped to arrive by Easter.

2/8/20241 min read

Special Easter Offer: 45% off hand cut tulle works. All orders must be received by MARCH 3, the Third Sunday in Lent.

During this Lenten season I am offering a special price on new hand cut tulle works, framed and shipped to arrive at Easter.

It can be a kind of alms-giving: having dedicated my life to seeking a new vision for a Catholic art of the future, I find myself struggling to make ends meet. The purchase of a work is a gift to me and my family, providing the means we need to meet our material needs.

But even more than this, purchasing work allows me to keep making work, to keep pressing forward toward a vision that I truly believe could be transformative for the way that we see the world, for our sense of the spiritual dimension of it that's so easy to ignore these days.

You will receive, for your part, a work of art unlike anything else being made today. My tulle works create visual experiences that are different in kind from paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, or any other two-dimensional media. They create space within themselves, and open onto otherworldly presences. This work will transform a home, a workspace, a public room, or a worship space. It will breathe its contemplative spirit into the air and quiet its surroundings.

These works are really something special, and I would dearly love to share them with you.

One of my saints, Mother Teresa, next to Cross